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Natural fur: the responsible choice

foto vetrine esterne dell'Atelier "Barbara pellicceria"

Natural fur processing employs millions of workers: from farmers of rural communities, to designers and specialized fashion craftsmen cities all over the world.

Natural fur is a raw material for clean and sustainable fashion, that leaves no waste in landfills and oceans unlike synthetic fur, which is plastic.

foto vetrine esterne dell'Atelier "Barbara pellicceria"

Natural fur is the product of a sector regulated by strict rules for safeguard of environment which considers well-being and sustainability.

The fur sector makes a very important contribution to the circular economy

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  • furrier's with handicraft workshops specialists in tailored workings, repairs and recovery of the garment with modeling
  • cleaning and fur finishing workshops
  • consumers
  • biodegradability and recycling of fur waste and accessories
  • manufacturers of fur working, fur cleaning and maintenance
  • wastewater management - sustainable use of chemicals
foto interno dell'Atelier "Barbara pellicceria"
  • breeding
  • fertilizers, waste products for the food industry
  • bio-energy cement
  • international auctions
  • tanneries and dry cleaners
  • tailoring and designer schools
  • furrier's with production laboratories