Who we are

photo of the exterior shop windows of the “Barbara Pellicceria” Studio



In 1975, Mr and Mrs De Martino launched the Atelier "Barbara Pellicceria" in Salerno, creating an eclectic space and fitting backdrop where fur stars alongside those who wear it.

photo of the interior of the “Barbara Pellicceria” Studio

The fur "Barbara" comes from the combination of a long laboratory experience and participation in international auctions all over the world, aimed at securing the best furs with the best origins that are handcrafted using elements of new technologies to produce unparalleled light, soft and wearable pieces that owners love to describe as "timeless".

photo of the interior of the “Barbara Pellicceria” Studio

Even during the business' early years, attentive and exacting customers were aware of the quality and originality of "Barbara" creations, recognising the lead role that they play in the "Made in Italy" movement.

In addition to furs, "Barbara Pellicceria" features:

  • cashmere coats
  • raincoats with fur
  • quilted jackets waterproofed D.J.
  • shearling
  • leather garments